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Securities Overview

Recognized as the leading corporate law firm in Manitoba, the TDS securities group offers comprehensive legal services in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and securities law and regulatory matters. The TDS securities group provides advice on all aspects of securities law and regulation, ranging from public offerings, secondary trading, and restructurings, to private placements, continuous disclosure, and compliance matters.

TDS lawyers have experience in local, national and multi-jurisdictional offerings, acting for both issuers and underwriters. We advise brokerage firms, corporate finance executives and domestic and international investment dealers on securities law and Manitoba regulatory requirements, as well as on matters of national concern. We also represent clients in matters involving The Manitoba Securities Commission, the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and, if a matter requires litigation, before the courts.

The TDS securities group has extensive experience in private equity and venture capital private placement transactions. TDS lawyers act for private equity funds, investment dealers and institutions in capital formation and investment, buy-out and venture capital transactions. We also act for business incubators as well as angel, venture capital and private equity investors, as well as a broad range of emerging and expanding companies in the information and communication technologies and life sciences sectors with growing capital requirements. 

TDS lawyers can draw on experience in using a wide variety of instruments to craft deal terms that meet the sometimes competing needs both investors and investment recipients, whether by using financial tools, including equity, convertible debt, subordinated debt, bridge financing, staged investments and options or warrants, or non-financial tools, such as board seats or observer status, or pre-emptive or tag-along rights.

  • IPO's
  • Multi-jurisdictional Offerings
  • Continuous Disclosure
  • Compliance Matters
  • Discretionary Relief
  • Securities Litigation
  • New Opportunities for Crowdfunding in Manitoba

    Proposed changes to securities legislation in Manitoba and select provinces may make equity crowdfunding a viable method for small and medium enterprises to raise business capital in Manitoba and throughout Canada.  Recent proposals made by The Manitoba Securities Commission (“MSC”) have created two exemptions that would allow Manitoban businesses and investors to participate and benefit from crowdfunding in the same way that US companies are able to benefit under the JOBS Act in the United States.   . Read more...

  • Proposed National Instrument 51-103:

    On July 29, 2011, the Canadian Securities Administrators published for comment National Instrument 51-103: Ongoing Governance and Disclosure Requirements for Venture Issuers (“NI 51-103”) which, if and when adopted into law, will introduce a new regulatory regime for venture issuers.  . Read more...

  • Raising Equity from Employees

    When a company wishes to raise equity financing, more often than not, senior management looks to external sources such as private equity or venture capital.   Given tight equity markets, an alternative source of equity financing could come from employees. The obvious advantages of this type of equity is that the employee understands and is engaged in the business so there is no need to have to “sell” the investment in the company to the employee investor. Read more...

  • Wolf Trax Inc. Sale to Compass Minerals

    The shareholders of Wolf Trax Inc. , a privately held corporation that develops and distributes innovative plant nutrition products, sold all of that corporation’s shares to Compass Minerals for $95 million. The closing date of the transaction was April 1, 2014. Read more...