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Enterprise Services

  • Advocacy, Litigation & Dispute Resolution

    Our litigators give​ advice in all areas of the law for insurers, large corporations, small businesses and for individuals
  • Business Law

    Our Business Law lawyers provide a wide variety of financial and commercial services to business and organizations.
  • Labour & Employment

    With the largest labour and employment practice group in Manitoba, we provide local, national and international clients with services in all aspects of labour relations and employment law.

Specialty Services

  • Private Client Services

    Coming soon. Individuals and families have turned to TDS for over 135 years for legal advice to protect, plan and build their personal goals and objectives.

  • In-House Services

    TDS understands when we collaborate with in-house counsel, we are an extension of the team.

  • Agency Services

    TDS routinely and seamlessly works with dozens of law firms from around the world as the local agent in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.