2022 Real Estate Forum Private Reception

The TDS Real Estate Law Practice Group is passionate about the commercial real estate and property development sector in Manitoba and we are excited to be part of the renewal of our city.

By all accounts the 2022 Winnipeg Real Estate Forum was a big success, and it was our pleasure to once again be a platinum sponsor.

We provide a full range of services - from basic conveyancing work, to advising on commercial sales and purchases, leasing, development, construction, property management and condominium development and management, to realization on security through foreclosure and insolvency remedies. A number of our senior practitioners are also frequently involved in advising and assisting clients in structuring transactions, both in real estate transactions and, through co-operative efforts with other practice groups within the firm, in corporate-commercial transactions and in litigation matters having real estate elements to them.

We would like to share some resources with you that may be of value to you and your company. Listed below are links to articles and resources that we hope are relevant to your business.


  • A Primer on Expropriation (PDF)
    Author: TDS lawyer Antoine Hacault
    This paper serves as a refresher on basic principles of expropriation and compensation. The main focus of this paper is to provide a checklist of due compensation for the category of "disturbance" which is generally broadly defined to include any costs, expenses and losses arising of or incidental to the expropriation.
  • Guide to Doing Business in Canada: Manitoba (PDF)
    Author: TDS lawyer Silvia de Sousa
    A great resource if you are looking to do business in Manitoba including information on business enterprises, employment, taxation, competition law, intellectual property and more.


Notable Real Estate Transactions

TDS has been involved in a number of notable real estate transactions - learn more about many of them in the PDF below.

If there is any way we can help support your commercial real estate goals, please contact any lawyer on our team (204-957-1930) at any of our Manitoba offices including Winnipeg, Brandon, Portage la Prairie, Morden-Winkler, Neepawa and Steinbach. We have the experience, knowledge, technology, and connections to help you achieve your business goals.


TDS Art Collection

Every day our clients and staff are inspired by made-in-Manitoba art all around them, including indigenous art and pieces from the Winnipeg Art Gallery's Inuit collection. Featured below are some of those pieces.

"40 Below" by Carole Freeman portraits a child skating on a frozen lake. Watch this interview with Carole Freeman on the story behind this painting.

"Something About Winnipeg" by Carole Freeman is an oil painting depicting narratives of the city's history at the forks of the Red and Assiniboine rivers. Watch this interview to know some hidden gems in this painting.

In our new office, we feature three pieces of art by local artist Christian Worthington - "Yellow", "Blue" and "Anchoress". Watch this interview on the story behind his art pieces.

We feature two pieces of art by Manitoba artist Candace Lipischak - "Le procès déséquilibré", "Reclaiming the Prairie". Watch this interview on the story behind her art pieces.

"Island" by Manitoba artist Patrick Treacy in one of our boardrooms. Watch this interview on the story behind this art piece.

Neil Peter Dyck's piece "Brackish & Beguiled" in our reception area. Watch this interview on the story behind his artwork.

We feature artist Ewa Tarsia's three pieces of art in our new office. Watch this interview on the story behind her artwork.

We feature artist Diana Thorneycroft's pieces "Winter on the Don" and "Portrait of Winnipeg" in one of our boardrooms.


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