Additional Services

Information Sharing Services

Sharing information in the cloud has never been easier. Recently, there has been a growing concern as to the security of information stored on public cloud services. TDS Law utilizes a number of services to facilitate the sharing of content.

The file-sharing services that TDS employs are secure data synchronization and sharing platforms utilizing bank-level encryption technology. They work like public cloud services, making shared documents available on your desktop PC or Mac, through your smart phone, or through any web browser.

Benefits of Secure information Sharing Services

Security – The content stored in our file-sharing services is encrypted both while in transit and while at rest in the cloud. That means that all interactions that you have with data through those services, whether uploading or downloading files, or simply accessing them through the secure online portal, uses 256-bit SSL encryption. This ensures that TDS Law data is secure and prevents unauthorized physical access to our shared data, while providing users the flexibility to work with their documents as needed, using desktop, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Share Large Files – Email isn’t designed to share large files, and using an FTP server to share documents is not practical either. There is no practical file size limitation on our private cloud service. Whether you are sharing a simple Word document, or an HD video of a work site, we can share it – securely.

Collaboration Simplified – Sharing documents by email creates an opportunity for multiple versions of a document to circulate, causing inconsistencies and missed updates. With our private cloud service, multiple people can work on the same document. Changes are saved automatically and updated to all authorized users.

Versioning – Sometimes updates need to be undone. With our file-sharing services, files are tracked, allowing authorized users access to multiple versions of a file.

Video Conferencing

TDS is committed to providing our valued clients with new services and to being progressive when it comes to adopting new technology.

Many of our clients are located outside of Winnipeg. Video Conferencing services allow our clients and lawyers to meet face-to-face without having to leave their office, reducing time away from the office and away from family. TDS offers robust solutions for video-conferencing to meet the needs of our clients and lawyers. High-Definition video cameras are available for virtual meetings, with traffic capably handled by our state-of-the art network infrastructure. Of course, video conferencing is not meant to replace all in-person meetings. We understand there are times when meeting face-to-face is needed, but in situations where in-person meetings are not essential, this solution has proven to be efficient, cost-effective and convenient.

Getting started on video conferencing with TDS is easy. If your organization has an existing video conferencing system, we should be able to connect without a problem. We support all of the current video-conferencing platforms when virtual meetings are requested. We ask that the first time a video conference is requested with us, we do a test call in advance of the actual meeting to ensure there are no technology issues between the systems.

Video Conferencing Support

If you have any questions regarding video conferencing with TDS, please reach out to the TDS Systems Operations group at 204-934-2322. Our support staff is available Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm GMT -0600.