Art Collection


"An office with more meeting space frees our people up to be better leaders and collaborators,”
- TDS CEO and managing partner Keith LaBossiere

Every day our clients and staff are inspired by made-in-Manitoba art all around them, including indigenous art and pieces from the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s Inuit collection. Featured below are some of those pieces.


Carole Freeman

Manitoba Art is one of the essential elements in TDS’ new office space in True North Square. At the main reception area and our biggest boardroom, we feature two large paintings – 40 Below and Something About Winnipeg, by Canadian Artist Carole Freeman.

40 Below portraits a child skating on a frozen lake. Watch this interview with Carole Freeman on the story behind this painting.


Something About Winnipeg is an oil painting depicting narratives of the city’s history at the forks of the Red and Assiniboine rivers. Watch this interview to know some hidden gems in this painting.


About Carole Freeman

Born and grew up in Winnipeg, Freeman is an artist known for her narrative pictures and portraits. She is represented in galleries in Canada, the US, the UK, Italy and Australia.

Christian Worthington

In our new office, we feature three pieces of art by local artist Christian Worthington – Yellow, Blue and Anchoress. Watch this interview on the story behind his art pieces.


About Christian Worthington

Christian Worthington is a Canadian-born painter who resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A life-long student of the works and legacies of the Old Masters (most notably Caravaggio, Rembrandt, as well as modern masters Rothko, and Frankenthaler), his paintings dually reflect the meticulous and well-plotted techniques of the masters, and the contemporary sensibilities of the Modern painters.

Candace Lipischak

We feature two pieces of art by Manitoba artist Candace Lipischak – Le procès déséquilibré, Reclaiming the Prairie. Watch this interview on the story behind her art pieces.


About Candace Lipischak

Candace Lipischak is a multidisciplinary Franco-Métis artist from Manitoba. Having worked in graphic design for over 10 years she branched out even more creatively in 2015 as a jewelry designer and owner of Fat Daug-Hand Carved Antler Jewelry. Fat Daug is short for Father-Daughter and the art of antler carving which was taught by her father and mentor Larry. Click here to visit her website.

Patrick Treacy

We feature a painting – ‘Island’ by Manitoba artist Patrick Treacy in one of our boardrooms. Watch this interview on the story behind this art piece.


About Patrick Treacy

Patrick Treacy has been painting and drawing in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for over forty years. At the University of Manitoba’s School of Art he studied under Ivan Eyre, George Swinton, Richard Williams, Bob Sakowski, and Tom Henderson. Treacy has shown his work in Winnipeg, Toronto, Thunder Bay and Vancouver. His work is in the private collections of the Bank of Montreal, Investor’s Group, James A. Richardson and Sons, and in the public collections of the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the University of Winnipeg and The Manitoba Department of Culture and Heritage. He has received grants from the Canada Council, the Manitoba Arts Council and the Winnipeg Arts Council. Click here to see more artwork by Patrick Treacy.

Neil Peter Dyck

We feature artist Neil Peter Dyck’s piece ‘Brackish & Beguiled’ in our reception area. Watch this interview on the story behind his artwork.


About Neil Peter Dyck

Neil Dyck is a Manitoban artist currently based in Vancouver, BC. Working intuitively on hard board to create non-representational paintings, Dyck’s rudimental investigations embrace a harmony of collage and painting. Dyck’s works are organic in their construction and explore fundamental ideas taken from nature and life around him. His dream-like, fragmented compositions are the result of a process of augmenting, reducing and concealing abstract forms, a multi-layered execution that simultaneously exposes an expressive freedom and calculated restraint. Dyck’s practice is multifaceted; not only does he contribute to his community through exploring the visual performance art of live painting, but he donates his time and work to help important causes and the needs of others.

Ewa Tarsia

We feature artist Ewa Tarsia’s three pieces of art in our new office. Watch this interview on the story behind her artwork.


About Ewa Tarsia

Tarsia was born and raised in Poland, where she graduated from the Gdansk School of Fine Art in 1979 before emigrating to Canada, settling in Winnipeg in 1991. She was inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 2007. Tarsia has produced work for numerous group exhibitions in the United States, South Korea, Japan, Spain, England, Poland, and France, and have garnered her international recognition and acclaim. Highly versatile, original, and prolific, Tarsia works in many media: painting, printmaking, drawing, and spatial installations, offering a unique sense of texture to her work and reflecting her graphic design origins. Click here to see her art work.

Diana Thorneycroft

We feature artist Diana Thorneycroft’s pieces ‘Winter on the Don’ and ‘Portrait of Winnipeg’ in one of our boardrooms.


About Diana Thorneycroft

Diana Thorneycroft is a Winnipeg-based artist whose work has exhibited nationally and internationally. Thorneycroft works primarily in photography, drawing, and sculpture/installation. She is the recipient of numerous awards including an Assistance to Visual Arts Long-term Grant from the Canada Council, several Senior Arts Grants from the Manitoba Arts Council and a Fleck Fellowship from the Banff Centre for the Arts. Learn more about by clicking here.