A Shared Commitment to Community: Winnipeg Jets and TDS

A shared vision, mutual respect and collaboration between Keith LaBossiere and Mark Chipman, Executive Chairman and Governor, True North Sports & Entertainment.

published 04/16/2024

A shared vision, mutual respect and collaboration between Keith LaBossiere, CEO & Managing Partner, TDS and Mark Chipman, Executive Chairman and Governor, True North Sports & Entertainment

In Winnipeg, the bond between sports and community runs deep. Nowhere is this more evident than in the partnership between TDS and the Winnipeg Jets, Manitoba's NHL team. In an exclusive interview, we explore the relationship between them, their shared values and their commitment to making a positive impact on the community they call home.

Community engagement at its core

"I am proud to share how deeply ingrained the Winnipeg Jets are in our firm’s ethos," says Keith LaBossiere, CEO and Managing Partner of TDS. "Aside from being the official law firm of the Winnipeg Jets, we actively support the team through the purchase of tickets, sponsorships and promotional activities. We believe in the team’s ability to inspire our community, and we are committed to being an integral part of that journey."

"Furthermore, our dedication extends beyond the corporate realm. We understand the importance of community engagement, and we actively participate in initiatives that support the Winnipeg Jets’ involvement in local charities, youth programs and educational endeavors. Whether it’s through fundraising events, volunteer efforts, or providing legal support, we strive to make a meaningful impact on our community alongside our beloved NHL team. At TDS, we recognize the power of sports in bringing people together, fostering teamwork, and building a stronger community. Supporting the Winnipeg Jets is not just about hockey; it’s about investing in the spirit of our city and our province, and ensuring a brighter future for generations to come."

A short interview with Keith LaBossiere and Mark Chipman

Keith LaBossiere (KL): How would you describe your relationship with TDS?
Mark Chipman (MC): We have a great relationship with TDS and it is one born out of a shared view of our community, our role within it and of mutual respect.

KL: When it comes to being community-minded, and the values of your organizations being aligned, how would you describe TDS
MC: TDS is unique. As a law firm made up of 100+ individual lawyers with presumably their own strong views as to the community and its firm's role within it, TDS has managed to engage in the community as an organization with one voice.

KL: As the official law firm of the Winnipeg Jets, how would you describe TDS as a community partner of True North?
MC: TDS is a very invested partner of True North's. Again, this is born out of a shared mutual respect for another. Both True North and TDS views their roles in the community in the same way. Given the size and profile of our organizations within the community, we recognize that this stature entails a responsibility to invest in and support the community in which we live. That responsibility is one TDS discharges proactively. TDS clearly engages in the community intentionally and with a plan. When TDS was approached about partnering in True North Square, it took a risk. That risk was taken as TDS believed in the revitalization of our downtown and shared our commitment to being a part of that. But for TDS taking the risk and being our first anchor tenant at TNS, I can honestly say there may not be a True North Square.

KL: All leading law firms have good quality lawyers, but when you think about the actual people at TDS, how would you describe your client experience, working with the team of people at TDS as human beings first and lawyers second?
MC: We have worked closely with the lawyers at TDS for a long time. The work product has always been superb and at a level that is world class. There is a level of comfort that comes with working with TDS given the consistent level of personal commitment to our work and our community that is evident. The lawyers we work with are all extremely committed to assisting not just our organization's goals, but those in our community. That shared commitment is something we see as being extremely important.

The partnership between TDS and the Winnipeg Jets exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving positive change within a community. Through their shared values of community engagement, mutual respect, and commitment to excellence, these two organizations are not only making a difference on the ice and in the courtroom, but also in the lives of those they serve. Strength in collaboration means their impact on the citizens, governments, businesses, charities and not-for-profits of both Winnipeg and Manitoba, will endure for generations to come.

Learn how TDS supports the Winnipeg Jets while building strong relationships with our clients and the community by visiting our page, We're In, Are You?

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