Our Core Values

We live our values through the work we provide to our prospective and current clients and ensure it is part of our firm’s culture and core values.



Everything we do will be done with integrity and we will do everything we can to support a high standard of ethical behaviour;

Client Focused Work

We will strive to deliver work product that is of a quality we can be proud of and that meet our clients needs and we will have in place the necessary tools to support that;


We will treat everyone we deal with fairly, including the people who work here; 


We want to work in an atmosphere of collegiality and are committed to promoting a respectful work environment; 


We value diversity and will strive to reflect the communities we serve; 

Invested in Success 

We value hard work, participation in legal organizations, and maximizing our profitability, but we will be a workplace that can reasonably accommodate the various stages of people’ lives and careers and special needs that may arise; 

Mentorship and Training

We will be true to our obligation to mentor and train those who work here;

Good Corporate Citizenship

We will do our part to be a good corporate citizen that is mindful of its responsibility to make a positive contribution to Manitoba and Canada; 

Community Minded 

We will be engaged in the communities in which we live and work. Across our ten Manitoba offices, and our Saskatchewan office, we give back and are mindful of the responsibility to make a positive contribution to our local communities. Learn more here;

Value our History 

We will celebrate the history of our firm and see ourselves as trustees and stewards of that legacy which forms the foundation for planning our future;

We aim to deliver a full-service firm that makes our team, our clients, and those who aspire to join us feel that they are free to lead. Learn more about TDS here.