April 25, 2018

Acumen Corporate Development and First West Capital announce partnership

Manitoba has one of the most diverse and stable economies in Canada thanks to a thriving community of entrepreneurs and mid-market businesses. However, with limited access to funding, these dynamic businesses are unable to unlock their full growth potential. Acumen Corporate Development and First West Capital are excited to announce a newly formed alliance to enhance access to financing for mid-market businesses in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba.

“Outside of the traditional landscape, there are few established, local alternative lenders in Winnipeg; it’s a real challenge to access capital. In response, we have created a synergistic partnership with First West Capital to complement Acumen’s clientele and network who are searching for new and creative sources of capital. This is a tremendous opportunity to meet the rising demand for innovative financing in Winnipeg,” says Anita Wortzman, CEO of Acumen.

Vancouver and Toronto-based First West Capital believes that Manitoba has a unique, world-class mid-market that has been largely underserved by junior capital providers. “We’ve worked with many Manitoba-based businesses and we’ve experienced firsthand the sophistication and tenacity of the business community,” shares First West Capital’s National Managing Director, Kristi Miller. “We’re looking forward to having a dedicated, local presence in this market through our partnership with Acumen. We see a huge opportunity to provide more Manitoba businesses with creative, junior capital solutions.”

Anita Wortzman & Kristi Miller

In addition, as the business landscape within the province continues to evolve, new growth opportunities highlight the constraints faced by traditional lenders. First West Capital provides funding to rapidly-growing companies who don’t check all the boxes for senior lenders. “First West Capital offers customized debt and equity solutions that enable growth and empower businesses – and they do it with a responsive, partner-focused approach,” says Gil Grenier, COO of Acumen.

“Acumen has a strong local footprint and understanding of what’s important to Manitoba businesses, which will strengthen our knowledge of the market. We’re excited to continue to invest in successful, local businesses that are looking for a non- or minimally dilutive way to grow, acquire or transition,” says Miller. “Our goal is to help the owners of rapidly-growing businesses stay in the driver’s seat.”

Acumen and First West Capital’s long standing relationship is a testament to the trust and commitment required to support Manitoba’s continued economic growth. Wortzman explains, “We have been working together for many years, and our strategic partnership solidifies an already strong and successful relationship. We look forward to connecting our market with First West Capital.”

Together, Acumen and First West Capital’s business and financing expertise will bring fresh investment and powerful growth opportunities to the vibrant and expanding Manitoba mid-market.

About Acumen Corporate Development

Acumen Corporate Development provides comprehensive corporate development solutions, engaging businesses through the strategic planning process. From development to execution, Acumen guides and supports businesses, providing customized solutions. Acumen Corporate Development was founded in 2009 and operates out of Winnipeg, Manitoba and Atlanta, Georgia.

Visit us at acumencorpdev.com

About First West Capital

First West Capital specializes in innovative junior capital solutions for mid-market businesses across all industries in Canada. We’re a small, dynamic group of financial professionals who understand entrepreneurs – because we’re entrepreneurs too.

We empower our clients by eliminating financial hurdles, providing flexibility and creating strong partnerships. We’re passionate about helping businesses grow, acquire or transition.

Visit us at firstwestcapital.ca

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