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TDS recognizes environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns.

climate smart 2021 logoESG refers to the three central factors used to measure the sustainability and societal impact of a business. Environmental factors include a company's impact on the natural environment, such as energy consumption, waste management, and carbon emissions. Social factors relate to the company's relationship with its stakeholders, such as employees, customers, and communities. Governance refers to the management and decision-making structures within the company, including board composition, executive compensation, and shareholder rights.

Why is ESG important?

Individuals and businesses are increasingly recognizing the impact of ESG on long-term performance and sustainability. Companies with strong ESG performance are often better positioned to manage risks, attract and retain talent, and create long-term value for stakeholders.

At TDS, we believe in the importance of considering ESG factors in our organization's decisions and actions. We believe that integrating ESG factors can help us achieve better outcomes for our Firm, our clients and for society as a whole.

Learn more about how our firm is determined to combat ESG issues in every way possible.


Our firm works to limit the resources we use, the waste we discharge and its consequences. 

Some examples include:

LEED® Gold certification
This certification reflects a commitment to sustainability throughout the design and construction process of our office.

Climate Smart
TDS is Climate Smart Certified - a member of the growing network of businesses and organizations taking action on climate change by measuring and
committing to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Removing single-use dishware
The dishware available in our office can be reused.

Compostable coffee cups
The single use coffee cups provided in our office are compostable and biodegradable.

Garbage and recycling
We have limited the availability of garbage bins to promote recycling. Recycling bins are available throughout the office and can be found at every desk. Our building also offers recycling for batteries and other e-waste.

EcoPass Bus Program
We promote public transit as a mode of transportation to help reduce harmful emissions in the atmosphere through a subsidized monthly bus pass program.

Environmental sponsorships
We support organizations that provide support towards wildlife, education and protection of the environment including Fort Whyte Alive and Oak Hammock Marsh.



Our firm strives to foster and build connections with our stakeholders through various workplace practices, events and initiatives. 

Some examples include:

Sponsorships and donations
Each year, TDS contributes over $250,000 to community initiatives across Manitoba. Visit our Community Involvement page to learn more.

Open Access student reception
This event provides a panel discussion and networking opportunity for students who identify as BIPOC, 2SLGBTQA* and/or living with a disability.

Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion
Our firm values diversity as a core value of our firm; we ensure that our hiring practices reflect this commitment; we sponsor events that support minority and underrepresented groups including women; we celebrate International Women’s Day; we maintain strong maternity and parental leave policies; we promote and provide opportunities for our lawyers and staff to learn about truth & reconciliation with our Indigenous communities.

Core values
The firm includes Diversity and being Community Minded as core values at the firm. Visit the About Us page to learn more.

Employee wellness
We promote and provide resources for maintaining good mental health in and out of the workplace.

Pro bono work
TDS lawyers contribute hundreds of hours of their time providing pro bono legal services to organizations including the Legal Help Centre.

TDS is committed to complying with accessibility standards and providing accessible customer service, employment and communications for employees and clients.


Our firm adopts systems of practices, policies and procedures in order to effectively govern itself, reach decisions and satisfy the demands of external stakeholders.

Some examples include:

HR policies
Policies are formulated to promote and protect the health, safety and rights of employees and to communicate the available tools and resources available within the firm. This includes formalized policies on harassment, accessibility and respectful workplace.

Core values
The firm includes Free to Lead, Integrity and Fairness as core values at the firm. Visit our About Us section to learn more.

Management Committee
This committee works to define and set the short-term objectives of the firm while identifying long-term goals for TDS and establishing a series of milestones to measure progress with a formalized terms of reference.

Equity and Accountability Council
This council leads the implementation and maintenance of firm policies and initiatives designed to create a culture that reflects the Core Values of TDS which includes an express commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Commitment to professional ethics
Our lawyers maintain the utmost commitment to upholding their professional ethical responsibilities, including those related to confidentiality; conflicts of interest; protection of client property; and anti-money laundering.

Client Service Standards
Clients are the lifeblood of the firm. That is why TDS has created a set of client service standards called, “Client Care” – The TDS Way. These commitments are designed to maximize client satisfaction and client retention, and therefore the long-term profitability and sustainability of TDS.

Our cybersecurity framework includes regular assessments, employee training, and continuously updated technology to help protect our clients and their data, and contribute to a safer digital ecosystem.