Ask a Vexxpert: The Steps to Take when Allegations of Harassment and Discrimination Enter the Workplace with TDS Lawyer Scott Hoeppner

TDS lawyer Scott Hoeppner is featured in Ask a Vexxpert Podcast’s The… Learn More

Type of Event: Podcast

TDS lawyer Scott Hoeppner is featured in Ask a Vexxpert Podcast's The steps to take when allegations of harassment and discrimination enter the workplace.

While it’s critical that this misbehaviour is getting attention and being condemned, these movements have uncovered that discrimination, harassment and injustice appears to be more prevalent than anyone wanted to believe. 

In this episode, Scott shares his expertise on how to make employees feel supported should they experience sexual assault, harassment or discrimination on the job, and the steps a company can take to investigate such allegations. 

Scott’s practice is focused primarily on the area of labour and employment law, providing advice on employment and labour relations matters, terminations, wrongful dismissals, grievance arbitrations and proceedings before labour boards and human rights tribunals. If you have a labour and employment matter, contact Scott