ExpiredCanadian Condominium Institute (CCI) National Webinar on COVID 19 and Condos Webinar">
  • Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) National Webinar on COVID 19 and Condos Webinar
    May 7, 2020
    4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Join us for a webinar with the Canadian Condominium Institute featuring, speaker Doug Forbes of Thompson Dorfman Sweatman. 


This webinar will offer insights from speakers across the country to deliver insight on the current COVID-19 pandemic and how it’s affecting professionals, property owners, and others. Listeners will learn:


  • Privacy and Collection of Information – What to do with it?
  • Government Orders – Examples of what some provinces are doing to assist condos
  • Financing Options and Considerations
  • Virtual Meetings and Electronic Voting: Practical Considerations
  • Obligations to Employees during COVID 19
  • Fire Safety and Directions from Authorities Across the Country
  • Restricting Access to Visitors and Contractors
  • Cash Flow – Practical Considerations
  • Adjusting and Using Technology to Effect Positive Change During the Pandemic and Beyond
  • Learning from the Pandemic – Suggested changes to your governing documents
  • Lessons Learned from the Pandemic: A Condo Director’s Perspective
  • What to do with Contracts/Payments if Obligations Can’t be Fulfilled
  • To Lien or Not to Lien – What is a Condo to Do?
  • Living in  Condo During COVID – An owner’s perspective
  • Landscaping – What is Necessary for Safety and Property Protection  and What is Aesthetic?  
  • Social Distancing and Self Isolation – How do you get people to comply?
  • Condo Conflicts – Can we deal with them during the pandemic? 


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