• April 24, 2018
    1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Presented by the CBA Health Law Section

From an unlikely legislative history in the Senate to a federal law that received royal assent in May 2017, the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act could impact health consumers, health care providers, employers and employees, insurers and others. At the same time, DIY DNA testing kits are being widely marketed to consumers who are intrigued by the prospect of discovering a missing relative but may, in the process, discover a genetic propensity to an uncontemplated health condition.  

This webinar will provide you with the science and legal commentary you need to understand this cutting edge topic, and to advise your clients across an array of sectors and practice areas.

Topics will include:
•         Genetic testing for medical reasons versus DIY genetic testing 
•         Unexpected consequences of genetic testing and medical research
•         Division of powers and constitutional implications
•         Insurance impacts 
•         Privacy impacts
•         Employment impacts

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