Farm Marketer Webinar: Why You Must Have a Will When Farming with TDS lawyer Caroline Kiva

TDS lawyer Caroline Kiva appeared in Farm Marketer‘s Impact Farming video podcast… Learn More

Type of Event: Webinar

TDS lawyer Caroline Kiva appeared in Farm Marketer's Impact Farming video podcast Why You Must Have a Will When Farming

"What would happen to your farming operation if the worst were to happen? Not a question that most people like thinking about, especially at a time like this. This is a subject that should be taken seriously to ensure that our family and our farm are taken care of once we are gone. It's estimated that almost half of our population does not have a will, and the half that does, many of their wills are incredibly outdated.

In this episode, Caroline shares what a will is, why you need it, and she reviews a few of the other essential legal documents that go hand in hand with your will. What happens if you pass away without a will?
Join Tracy and Caroline as they explore the financial consequences, personal consequences, and they chat in-depth about the big question, “Why does everyone avoid it?”

If you do not have a will yet, or you cannot recall the last time you looked at yours, this week’s episode might be the poignant reminder to make sure that your legal affairs are in order. We cherish our family and our farm legacy, so what could be more fulfilling than making sure that both are taken care of if something were to happen to us?

Do yourself, your family, and your farm a favour and check out this week’s episode!"

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