ExpiredSR&ED Tax Incentives for Software Developers and IT Companies: How to Successfully Claim, and…can the CRA be Wrong?">
  • January 21, 2016
    8:00 am - 9:30 am

Join ICTAM, BDO and Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP for breakfast on January 21st.

This session will focus on how software developers and IT companies in Manitoba can take advantage of, and be successful in, claiming Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax refunds to help recover software development costs.   

SR&ED is a federal tax incentive program designed to encourage Canadian businesses, of all sizes and in all sectors, to conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada. Each year over 20,000 Canadian businesses, 75% of which are small enterprises, file SR&ED claims worth over $3.5 billion. 

Businesses developing new software programs or applications – or enhancing or integrating existing ones – may be eligible for substantial refunds and tax credits.

Harold Hermann, of BDO, one of Canada’s leading SR&ED consulting experts, will present on:

  • How to find SR&ED within software development projects?
  • Recent CRA changes and challenges businesses experience when claiming SR&ED
  • How to successfully claim SR&ED for software development projects?

Jeff Pniowsky, a Partner at TDS Law practices exclusively in the area of tax litigation and tax dispute resolution. Jeff has a national practice with clients from across Canada. He is one of the leading legal practitioners in the areas of tax litigation and tax dispute resolution, including the tax audit and appeals process.

Prior to joining TDS, Jeff was a senior Tax Litigator with the Federal Department of Justice acting on behalf of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for almost 10 years. During his time acting for the CRA, Jeff advised the Aggressive Tax Planning Division of the CRA involving some of the most significant tax matters in the Prairie region.  He also sat on the National Tax Avoidance committee for Justice Canada.

During Jeff’s presentation, attendees will learn valuable information including: ..:

  • “What happens and what you can do when your SR&ED claim is rejected by the CRA?”   
  • “Can the CRA be wrong?”
  • “Can you really fight ‘city hall’ and win?”
  • “When should you fight and when should you ‘throw in the towel’?”
  • “At what point should you involve a tax litigator?”


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