• May 22, 2014
    8:00 am - 4:30 pm

This event is being organized by Career Women Interaction (FCI-CWI). FCI-CWI is a provider of conferences for women executives, lawyers, accountants and other professionals across Canada, and is not affiliated with TDS Law.

Vivian Rachlis, a partner with the firm, has been asked to speak at the conference being held in Winnipeg on May 22nd.

Details of Vivian’s session entitled “Managing Conflict” (from conference brochure):

Most of us would rather live and work without conflict, yet no environment is conflict-free. The life cycle of effective conflict management involves planning for conflict, not going into denial when it rears its head, resorting to dispute resolution mechanisms if necessary, and moving on. Long perceived as being in the “conflict business,” lawyers and tribunals have had to become more aware of the human and economic cost of unresolved conflict. Practical, preventive and alternative dispute resolution solutions can help keep conflict at bay,  assist in resolving conflict when it becomes inevitable, and bring the parties back to the beginning of the conflict management life cycle.

This presentation will provide perspectives from TDS partner Vivian Rachlis and will deal with:

  • Conflict prevention: Planning for the inevitable
  • Conflict presentation: Not ignoring the elephant in the room
  • Conflict resolution: What are the options? What is the best fit for my conflict?
  • The conflict behind us: Working together constructively again


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