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Silvia de Sousa
Lawyer and author

The guide, written by TDS lawyer Silvia de Sousa and updated for 2023, can play a pivotal role in the research and strategic planning for businesses aiming to operate in the province.

The comprehensive insights into the legal and regulatory framework helps provide businesses with a basic understanding of the local legal landscape.

Three reasons to download the guide

Legal and regulatory guidance:
Provides an overview of many aspects of the legal and regulatory framework in Manitoba, including information on business laws, employment and business taxation, intellectual property and more. Understanding these legal aspects is crucial to ensure compliance with Manitoba laws and regulations.

Research and strategic planning:
Helpful for market research and strategic planning initiatives, allowing business to formulate sound strategies that account for legal considerations, ensuring a smoother market entry or expansion process and ultimately enhancing the chances of success in Manitoba.

Risk assessment and mitigation:
Includes information to help assess and mitigate risk through intellectual property protection, limitation of liability, data protection, taxation planning and more, ultimately helping to enhance the resilience of your business.


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