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TDS understands the challenges faced by its health sector clients.

The public expects health facilities to deliver the same level of service in the face of decreasing funds. Increasingly well informed health consumers are demanding safe and effective health services. Licensing bodies find themselves under the microscope to regulate in the public interest. Those doing business in the health sector need to adapt in real time to changing regulations and legislation.

Health care stakeholders operate in the midst of these challenges. They face situations that require not only skillful and experienced legal assistance, but also tact and understanding, with the recognition that ultimately facilities, institutions, providers, patients and their families all have a common goal. The TDS connection in health law matters is one aspect of the firm's historical excellence in handling regulatory matters for a variety of public, quasi-public and private entities engaged in the provision, procurement and consumption of services.

TDS has for many years represented a broad spectrum of clients in the health care sector, including government health departments, regional health authorities, health facilities and health profession regulatory bodies. TDS health sector lawyers enjoy excellent working relationships with hospitals, facilities in the community and the long term care sector, and community agencies with a health care mandate.

The firm understands and capably handles all health sector legal matters, from commercial and corporate affairs and governance related matters; to labour relations and human resources matters; to general advice, representation and conflict management and resolution. TDS health sector clients know that they can rely on the firm's understanding of their operations, goals and unique place in a complex system. And because of the firm's experience and knowledge of that system, our health sector lawyers hit the ground running. Health matters TDS health sector lawyers handle legal matters across the spectrum of legal practice areas, which can include:

  • Agreements for the purchase, lease and development of real and intellectual property for use in health facilities;
  • Advice and representation in regulatory matters, pensions, workplace health and safety, pensions, disability and absenteeism management, human rights complaints;
  • Professional licensing issues, including disciplinary proceedings before professional bodies, and the management of medical staff issues within health care facilities;
  • Corporate governance matters and documentation including policies, procedures and by-laws;
  • Certification and other Labour Board proceedings, progressive discipline and labour arbitration work in unionized environments, and advice and representation in the management of non-unionized employment relationships;
  • Navigating public and private sector privacy and access legislation;
  • Advising health facilities in critical incident matters, risk management and professional negligence;
  • Consent, capacity, substitute decision making and end of life issues;
  • Procurement, tendering and contracting;
  • Representation in court and at inquests and inquiries.

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