TDS COMPASS Pro Bono Program 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused disruptions across all industries in Canada… Learn More

published 08/18/2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused disruptions across all industries in Canada including here at home in Manitoba, leaving organizations and individuals uncertain of the future. In response to the pandemic and the struggles that local organizations were experiencing, TDS created and launched the COMPASS pro bono program.

What does COMPASS stand for?

C - COVID-19
O - Optimism
M - Manitoba
P - Pro Bono
A - Advocacy
S - Support
S - Service

About the COMPASS Pro Bono Program

The COMPASS pro bono program offered up to $10,000 in legal services (for a total of $50,000) to Manitoba-based organizations struggling with legal challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In keeping with our commitment to pay it forward, TDS selected five Manitoba-based organizations who were not only struggling with legal challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but who also have a history of making commendable contributions to our community.  

Congratulations to the following selected organizations:

    • Buttercream by Alareen 
    • Camp Wasaga Inc.  
    • Naturally Gorgeous Curls (Thiah Management and Consulting) 
    • Spark Rentals Inc.  
    • The King’s Head Pub 

Each organization will receive up to $10,000 in complimentary legal services from TDS.  

What our recipients of COMPASS pro bono services are saying:

"We are absolutely honoured to have been chosen. We are proud to be partners with TDS."
- The King's Head Pub

"A heartfelt thank you from Camp Wasaga. This is a game-changer for us."
- Camp Wasaga

"Thank you TDS for choosing to support our business as we venture into the next level! We appreciate your support and sought after knowledge in the legal field and are honoured to be working with you!"
- Naturally Gorgeous Curls

"Thank you to TDS for offering the COMPASS program. Being selected for the COMPASS program has removed an added layer of stress and has given us the additional support to weather the downturn both emotionally and financially. It's truly evident that TDS looks to support those in its community."
- Spark Rentals Inc. 

Small businesses and organizations help the local economy. We are proud to be associated with organizations that have a reputation for helping the community but have experienced hardship with their businesses due to COVID-19.

TDS will work with the selected applicants on a pro bono basis, to help them navigate the challenges and assist them with setting a new course for recovery.

We want to thank all the applicants who applied for the pro bono program

 Stay well.