Paul Brett Joins Board of Directors of the Ontario Deputy Judges Association

published 06/08/2020

Paul Brett was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of the Ontario Deputy Judges Association effective June 1, 2020 for a term of two years.  The Association is a collegial and educational body to which most Deputy Judges belong in Ontario, being Deputy Judges of the Ontario Small Claims Court, a division of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. 

The Association provides educational seminars for Deputy Judges, typically at the rate of one per month, advocates on behalf of Deputy Judges as regards their relationship with the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, and represents the Deputy Judges before the triennial compensation commission. 

As well, the Association maintains a Listserve where members seek and share opinions readily, and obtain collegial advice from other members.  Paul is the western most Deputy Judge of the Ontario Small Claims Court conducting sittings at Kenora (and Dryden occasionally), with no Ontario residence requirement, but simply membership in the Law Society of Ontario.

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