The Artsy, Chill Place Canadians Should get to Know Better

published 01/03/2024

Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP (TDS) lawyer and Winnipeg Poet Laureate Chimwemwe (Chim) Undi was recently referenced in the Globe and Mail article What everyone gets wrong about Winnipeg, except Winnipeggers (subscription required). In the article, journalist Shannon Proudfoot tells of her experiences meeting with a number of Winnipeggers that are "deeply embedded in different facets of Winnipeg life" to learn what makes the city so special.

As part of the article's introduction, Proudfoot includes this powerful description of the mood of Winnipeg:

"Within the city, there is a sense of movement, energy and what Winnipeg’s poet laureate, Chimwemwe Undi, calls its 'relentless hope.'"

Chim has been an active member of the Manitoba poetry community for over a decade. She has performed at literary festivals, and her work has won awards and appeared in numerous publications. "Relentless hope" comes from a line in one of Chim's recent works, Winnipeg Poem (“At the Crux of Two Rivers”)

"aglow from the sun,
glinting on the Golden Boy,
glancing down at a city
that spends each day learning
& loving,
& overcoming,
& looking fearlessly into its own flaws
& renaming them lessons
in forgiveness
in growth
in relentless hope."
- Expert from Winnipeg Poem (“At the Crux of Two Rivers”)

The 4000+ word Globe and Mail article provides a true reflection of Winnipeg - highlighting its strengths as well as its flaws, and features just a few of the many proud Winnipeggers that play a positive role in protecting, building up and promoting our city, including Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew, Winnipeg Mayor Scott Gillingham and Kate Fenske, CEO of Downtown Winnipeg BIZ. It's timely publication in the Globe and Mail came during the holidays when many Winnipeggers were reflecting on the year gone by and finding moments of quiet reflection and gratitude for all that surround them.

Winnipeg was recently ranked by the Globe and Mail as the most livable city in Canada for raising children, and the third most livable city in the country overall, using categories such as transportation, housing, climate and amenities. To help ensure that Winnipeg continues on its positive path, TDS is proud to support the communities in which we live and work, including Ronald McDonald House Charities, The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba and the Health Sciences Centre Foundation Technology for Assisted Living Initiative. In addition to these Firm initiatives, many TDS lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, staff and students contribute money and hundreds of hours of their time volunteering for causes they believe in.

We encourage all Winnipeggers and Manitobans to continue to embrace the city in 2024 and be mindful of our responsibility to make a positive contribution to our local communities.

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