March 13, 2013

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  • Gerald Ashcroft

    Gerald Ashcroft has retired as of July 1, 2019. Please contact Ruth Goertzen for further assistance.

We are now required to obtain training, education and licensing for a wide variety of activities, but such is not required for the most important and complex lifetime need, namely, the development and maintenance of human relationships and how we are to interact with other members of society in a manner that respects our individual and collective needs. Our society, for the most part, leaves this necessary aspect of education to the chance that such will be satisfactorily completed by an individual’s parents or guardians. Canadian society has changed for many reasons, including a decreased role of religious institutions, a change in societal norms and practices, an ever increasing cultural diversity, a loss of a traditional way of life, and an ever increasing mobility and speed of communication, to name but a few. Most of us have been affected by this change to a greater or lesser degree. There is no reason to believe that the rate at which our society evolves will slow. We need only be an informed observer to learn of our recent individual and group failures. How then do we foster individual development as a component of social harmony? I will argue that we have arrived at the point in our evolution that requires embedded relationship and interaction education from the beginning until the end of an individual’s formal school education. I will also argue that by not acting now the consequences will be profound.

*Written as part of the coursework for a Master of Laws Specializing in Family Law Degree

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