Acumen Corporate Development


Acumen (a strategic partner of TDS) spearheads the corporate development function for businesses, providing the expertise and resources required to achieve extraordinary results. Acumen acts as the “quarterback”, linking senior management with other professional services providers including legal, accounting and financing partners.


Acumen helps clients succeed with their growth strategy and/or exit strategy by providing specialized expertise and adding capacity to the clients available resources.


Acumen adds-value by temporarily filling in gaps in expertise and providing critical support to senior management, during the planning and execution of strategic initiatives. This added support allows executives to maintain a focus on important day-to-day operations, which may otherwise be impacted during periods involving strategic initiatives.


Acumen seeks input from management to develop a strategic plan and then teams with management to execute the plan. The Acumen team also uses customized software and project management tools to ensure a smooth and complete process. It is this methodology of creating a comprehensive, customized plan in partnership with clients that sets Acumen apart and allows us to exceed client expectations.


For more information visit www.acumencorpdev.com.



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