The need for legal advice and representation around privacy and access matters is expanding in real time.

Without guidance about their legal obligations, public and private entities are increasingly just a step away from running afoul of regulatory requirements, the expectations of clients, patients and customers, and sustaining reputational damage.

Fortunately TDS LLP lawyers practicing in this field can provide specialized advice in an area that requires not only attention to developing legal requirements, but knowledge of the business considerations in situations where the application of privacy and access law is most acute. In providing advice on the privacy and access requirements of our clients, our lawyers are mindful of the operational matters most important to businesses, public institutions, and health care entities.

We continue to see the growth in privacy and cybersecurity and data protection litigation. The potential for misuse of sensitive personal information requires risk management. With lawyers experienced in data privacy and cybersecurity and data protection, we provide guidance and advice to clients on a full range of services including:

  • Online privacy matters
  • Statutory anti-spam requirements
  • Responding to Freedom of Information requests
  • Duties of trustees of personal health information
  • Access to personal health information
  • Preparing for, anticipating and responding to data/privacy breaches
  • Personal information and electronic data protection
  • Advising privacy regulators
  • Representing entities in dealing with regulators and before privacy-related tribunals
  • Advising consumers and other individuals about their privacy rights
  • Advising employers about their employee privacy obligations and how to handle next steps in the event of a privacy breach
  • Preparing data sharing agreements
  • Advising third party holders of personal information during litigation processes
  • Performing privacy audits and advising as to risk management around privacy and access issues
  • Providing advice on unique privacy law issues that arise in litigation and commercial matters
  • Advising on risk management policies and procedures

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