Our lawyers regularly advise and assist our clients with respect to the dissolution of marriages and marriage-like relationships.

We negotiate or litigate all issues arising in the family law context. Our firm advises clients in marital property valuations, accountings of family and commercial interests and apportionment of property, structuring equalization payments, security concerns and insurance plans, spousal and child support, child custody arrangements, guardianship and adoption. We are frequently involved in preparing or providing advice regarding co-habitation and pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

Our firm provides collaborative family law and mediation services, where appropriate, as an alternative to litigation. One of our lawyers, Bill Percy, is a member of Collaborative Practice Manitoba (“CPM”) which consists of a group of lawyers trained in Collaborative Practice, conflict resolution and mediation. Bill and the members of CPM adopt a non-adversarial approach in assisting clients to resolve the issues arising out of the breakdown of their relationship.

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