In-House Counsel Services

TDS understands when we collaborate with in-house counsel, we are an extension of the team.

TDS’ Approach to Working with In-House Counsel

  • Acknowledging that many in-house lawyers want a Lead Relationship Manager who can navigate within the law firm, regarding specific legal needs, service levels and knowledge.
  • Agreeing when in-house lawyers direct external counsel to deal directly with other stakeholders in the organization, external counsel needs to keep in-house counsel in the loop. This includes progress on matters, legal fees, and budgets.
  • Appreciating how the in-house legal department fits within the client’s organization and how the relationship between in-house counsel and external counsel goes beyond legal advice.
  • Understanding what in-house counsel does with the legal advice provided by external counsel and how that advice impacts business decision making.
  • Empathizing with in-house counsel, that regardless of the legal problem, part of the role of external counsel is to make the client’s life easier.
  • Supporting the role of in-house lawyers as a legal translator with the other stakeholders in the organization. That means advice from external counsel needs to be as ready as possible for business executives to consume; otherwise, additional work is created for in-house counsel.
  • Sympathizing with in-house counsel, who have the daunting task of managing multiple external counsel relationships. Anything that external counsel can do to help manage those relationships is a value-add.

TDS understands when we collaborate with in-house counsel, we are an extension of the team. It is important that we understand our role, and value the role of in-house counsel. Many private practice lawyers have the technical knowledge to solve problems in-house counsel have; however, TDS believes that the client experience matters too, and not just the results. TDS’ core values, our collaborative approach, and our client service mindset sets us apart from other options.

For more than a decade, TDS has conducted client feedback interviews with in-house counsel to gain a deeper understanding of how we can provide greater value to in-house clients. We also collaborate with TDS alumni (who are now in-house) to develop programs to educate TDS lawyers on the distinctive nuances and challenges of being in-house. We use these insights to direct our approach to collaboration with in-house counsel.

In-House Counsel Clients

TDS’ in-house counsel client base includes private and public corporations, crown corporations, and government agencies. A few of our valued clients include:

  • Ag Growth International (AGI)
  • Canada Life
  • The Boyd Group
  • Farmers Edge
  • HyLife
  • The University of Manitoba
  • Manitoba Hydro
  • Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries
  • Manitoba Public Insurance
  • Bold Commerce
  • PCL
  • True North Sports & Entertainment (The Winnipeg Jets)

Services for In-House Counsel

 TDS works extensively and seamlessly with in-house counsel from across Canada and internationally.

Global Legal Services: As the exclusive Lex Mundi member firm in Manitoba, TDS acts as the central point of contact for in-house counsel who need to manage international legal matters. In these situations, TDS brings in trusted external counsel from local jurisdictions around the world.

“Since its 1990 beginning, TDS has been The Boyd Group’s external counsel in Manitoba.  However, due to the reach of Boyd’s operations, the services provided by TDS have (by necessity) extended beyond the borders of Canada. Working with TDS and its Lex Mundi partner firms, TDS has provided Boyd with seamless cross-border transaction services (including financing and acquisitions), allowing Boyd to access advice from reputable, leading law firms across Canada and the U.S.  The high quality of the work, and the service provided by both TDS and its Lex Mundi partners, have both been helpful and reassuring, as we know that we are receiving quality representation both in Manitoba and beyond.” ​ ​– Peter Toni, General Counsel, The Boyd Group.

TDS’ team of Partners, Associates, Articling Students, and Paralegals professionally handle hundreds of matters per year for in-house counsel across more than 30 areas of law.

Value-Added Services

  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE): Webinars, Seminars and Legal Updates.
  • Networking opportunities to connect with peers and other professionals.
  • Client Feedback Interviews
  • Client Teams
  • Business networking event opportunities
  • Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs)
  • Multi-jurisdictional Horizon Scans and Roundtables (Lex Mundi)
  • Legal Guides to Doing Business in 100 jurisdictions around the world (Lex Mundi)
  • Secondments

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