At times, urgent and decisive action must be taken on behalf of a client in the form of a court ordered injunction.

The TDS Injunction Team can move quickly to protect the interests of our clients whether it be to obtain an injunction or to defend a motion for an injunction.  We have extensive knowledge and experience which allows us to provide our clients with timely and cost-effective representation. Our team regularly handles matters in the following areas:

  • Corporate disputes such as shareholder, officer and director disputes and related actions
  • Protection of business from defamation and improper competition practices
  • Blockades and Resource Management
  • Indigenous Law
  • Real Property
  • Labour matters including management of picket lines and strike protocol agreements
  • Employment matters including theft or misuse of confidential information or trade secrets by employees or former employees
  • Trespassing
  • Protection of Trademarks and other Intellectual Property
  • Environmental Matters
  • Mining