Insolvency, Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Our firm provides a wide range of services to secured and unsecured creditors, receivers, trustees in bankruptcy and to debtors in connection with insolvency-related issues.

These services include the preparation of various forms of security agreements, the enforcement and realization of security, and the resolution of priorities issues between competing creditors. We represent clients (both creditors and debtors) in the restructuring of debt and the enforcement of collateral. Members of the firm have extensive experience in both complex restructurings and realizations. We represent banks, mortgagees, and other lenders in their negotiations with debtors and in the implementation of proposals, "work-outs" or other realization strategies. The firm frequently acts for the insolvency arm of national accounting firms in the provision of independent advice on the numerous issues confronted by trustees in bankruptcy and receivers. Our insolvency and bankruptcy lawyers are able to provide timely and effective advocacy in all insolvency and bankruptcy related matters.

  • Preparation and Vetting of Security
  • Enforcement of Security
  • Advocacy on Bankruptcy and Secured Lending Issues
  • Proposals
  • Appointment of Trustees, Receivers and Agents

Insolvency, Bankruptcy & Restructuring Lawyers

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