Sports & Entertainment

Wide ranging experience

We provide legal services to individuals, companies and organizations involved in the Sports and Entertainment industries, offering clients wide-ranging experience in many industries to help them achieve their goals while protecting their legal interests.

We offer a wide range of Sports and Entertainment legal services including:

Contract Negotiation and Drafting

We assist athletes, coaches, producers, artists, entertainers, content creators, and other industry professionals in reviewing, negotiating and drafting a wide range of contracts, including endorsement arrangements, influencer agreements, option and shopping agreements, deal memos, cast and crew agreements, location agreements, licensing agreements, distribution agreements, and employment agreements.

Intellectual Property Protection

Our lawyers assist clients with protecting their intellectual property rights, including trademarks, personality rights, and copyright and are experienced in dealing with intellectual property issues such as acquisitions, assignments, licensing, clearances, infringement, and enforcement.

Taxation and Tax Credit Programs

We provide comprehensive legal services relating to taxation, including tax planning, compliance, and representation in tax disputes. We also assist clients in accessing and maximizing available benefits under tax credit programs.

Financial Services

Our lawyers provide a wide range of legal and financial services to creative and business clients in the film, television, and digital media sectors including studios, producers, financiers, and lenders. We offer expertise in managing complex financing transactions, including structuring tailored financing solutions, ensuring legal compliance with relevant laws and regulations, protecting intellectual property rights, and advising on beneficial tax incentives.

Immigration and Visa Services

We provide comprehensive immigration and visa legal services for athletes, coaches, producers, cast, crew, and entertainers and assist with all aspects of the immigration process, including visitor and work permit applications, visa applications, petitions, and appeals.

Media and Public Relations

Our lawyers provide advice on legal matters related to media and public relations issues, including defamation, privacy, and publicity rights, protecting reputation and enhancing public image.


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