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Canada’s Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) is an innovative and dynamic program aimed at helping Manitoba’s small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) overcome barriers to exporting. The WTC Winnipeg is pleased to offer TAP in Manitoba, a program that has rapidly gaining momentum across Canada, and a reputation of achieving real results, fast. 

Now is the time for Canadian companies to export globally. A lower Canadian dollar, limited domestic growth, and uncertainty in the U.S. have established the right conditions for Canadian firms to diversify and go global. 

At the same time, uncertainty in the trade relationship with our largest trading partner means that it is even more important for Canadian companies to diversify and prepare their companies for long-term success in new export markets. 

Through its Expert Partners, TAP Canada gives companies access to Canada’s top exporting advisors, resources and contacts. Companies will have the opportunity to work with industry leaders to build a comprehensive Export Plan, and then begin its implementation. 

As one of TAP’s partners, TDS lawyers participating in the program include:

Silvia de Sousa (Intellectual Property)
Doug Forbes
(Business Law)
Leilani Kagan (Tax Law and Panel Moderator)
Jen McRae (Business Immigration)
Rob Olson (Labour & Employment)

WTC Winnipeg encourages companies to take advantage of this unique opportunity to accelerate their firm’s growth and export capacity. The services and visibility offered through TAP Canada are valued at approximately $25,000. 

 How much is it to participate? 

This extensive program is offered to Manitoba businesses for only $495 +GST (includes 2 participants). The cost for each additional participant is $295 +GST. 

 When is TAP? 

Fall TAP 2021 takes place during the fall-winter months spanning from October 14-December 14, 2021. 

Full program details to be announced in the near future on the TAP website. Learn more and find the online application form here:
Trade Accelerator Program | WORLD TRADE CENTRE Winnipeg ( 

 Who is this targeted towards? 

The TAP program is targeted towards small to medium sized businesses looking to expand operations and export into new markets whether that be nationally, or internationally. 

How is TDS involved? 

A group of TDS lawyers will coach, review and assess companies final export plans to provide legal information, insight, and recommendations on any potential legal implications or conflicts that may arise as a result of their final export plan during their one-on-one meetings after the training sessions have concluded. 

This is in addition to their presentations on Day 5 of the Training Sessions on November 8, 2021, from 8:30am-12:30pm on Legal & Tax Implications. 

Who should I contact? 

For further information, contact:
Camille Bardy,
Trade Advisor for the
World Trade Centre Winnipeg.
P: (204) 202-1539 

For additional details regarding this program, visit the World Trade Centre Winnipeg‘s website: 
Trade Accelerator Program | WORLD TRADE CENTRE Winnipeg ( 

Testimonials and success stories

View testimonials and success stories in this “What Manitoba Companies Say About TAP” PDF from WTC Winnipeg.